At Affordable house company we have A wide range of equipment for multiple uses, for the company and you the client. Providing machinery for the demolition and clearing of the site to earth moving of the final landscape.

Waste is always going to be a big factor of construction, and to tackle that hurtle we have our own selection of skip bins ranging in sizes depending on the size and magnitude of the site. These skip bins are easily replaced with our booklist removal truck which has alternative uses such as moving machinery and delivering scaffold to any required site of ours.

When it comes to earth moving and shaping sites we have multiple sizes of bobcats and excavators for any residential site that may require. If it’s Demolition, civil works, and even landscaping these machines are operated by skilled and competent operators with years of experience.

To help move projects along, we own scaffold and have experienced scaffold builders ready to build the scaffold once its delivered to the site by the hook life truck.